Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I am taking home

What, you ask, do I find the need to bring back to the US?

Caramel crunch and millionaire shortbread- made for me by my gran; syrup to make my own; beans, of course; Easter eggs from my gran to me and my siblings; some candy and a selection of my fave buiscuts; smarties and some digestive buiscuts for my brother; and the cereal that I really liked when I was at boarding school (my housemisstress would get after me for picking out the rasins and putting them on my tray instead of a saucer).

Thursday the 24th-Supper

Gran got haddock, I got a white pudding.

Thursday the 24th- Afternoon Tea

Tea (Scottish Blend) and a scone.

Thursday the 24th- Lunch

Cheese time!

A Roquefort (raw ewe's milk), a brie (raw cow's milk, aged 30 days), oatcakes, macaroni and cheese pie and Quince Jelly

Thursday the 24th- breakfast

Here is what I have been eating for breakfast lately, incase you were wondering/worried I wasn't eating any fruit.

Wednesday the 23rd- Inverness

I forgot to take a photo of my lovely cream of chicken and leek soup so all you get is a sad photo of a subway sandwich that I ate on the train home.